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1958 birth cohort useful documents

Information for METADAC applications.

Guidance for completing the METADAC application form for 1958 biomedical resource.

METADAC Application form for 1958 birth cohort data and samples (word, 81kb)

METADAC Conditions of Use for 1958 data (from March 2 2016) (word, 22kb)

Policy for use of the 1958BC biomedical resource (pdf file, drawn up by METADAC’s predecessor, the ACCC).  This includes consent information (appendix K) for reference when applying to use the resource and biosamples strategy guidance (appendix G) for depletable samples.

Restricted variables that cannot be used in connection with the 1958BC biomedical resource.

1958BC Biosamples availability.

Example Material Transfer Form for 1958 birth cohort samples. (Project-specific versions will be issued when applications for samples are approved.)

Statement confirming Tissue Bank approval

The 1958bc obtained Ethics Approval for a Research Tissue Bank from the North West – Haydock Research Ethics Committee in September 2014 (14/NW/1179). Further information is available from the Health Research Authority Website:


External information on 1958 datasets.

General study information: 1958BC study web-site at UCL.

Social science and health survey data dictionaries: 1958BC information at Centre for Longitudinal Studies

Genetic datasets:

Links to specific 1958 datasets held at EGA are shown in the Genetic Data table.

Governance for most genetic datasets is through the Wellcome Trust committee WTCCC: WTCCC information on 1958 data


Superseded ACCC and 1958 reference documents.

Older versions of policy and other superseded documents are on record.