D2K, PEALS, Newcastle University

Linked Resource

Social studies resource: data collected for studies focussing on perinatal mortality and on educational, physical and socio-economic development collected in surveys from PMS – sweep 6 and sweep 7 – sweep 9
Biodata resource – information/data pertaining to measures of health and disease from the 2003 biomedical survey

The Linked Resource

Linkage of data from the 1958BC resources has been available since 2010 and is released under project-specific linkage keys. When users wish to access more than one type of 1958BC study data, this can potentially increase the disclosure risk. Such applications demand careful linkage of the relevant data that are required so as to enable secure analysis at an individual level.

A summary of data that can be linked by CLS without cooperation by University of Bristol:


A summary of data that can be linked by University of Bristol without cooperation by CLS:



Access to linked resources is overseen by the METADAC.

Application and Access

  • Linked resources can be accessed by downloading and completing the METADAC application form, following the METADAC application guidance notes
  • Access to data is granted by METADAC once an application has undergone the formal review process and been awarded, a relevant Material Transfer Agreement, Data transfer Agreement – or both – must be signed.
  • Study specific linkage keys (identifiers) are generated by CLS. Access administered using study specific ID’s co-operatively by CLS, University of Bristol and European Geonome-phenome archive.
  • All applications get notified to the Centre for Longitudinal Studies Strategic Advisory Board (CLS SAB).