D2K, PEALS, Newcastle University

Acknowledging 1958 Birth Cohort Resources in Publications

Please ensure the study and the METADAC are acknowledged in any publications that arise using the data including the grant numbers.

  • Use this statement to acknowledge METADAC:
  • Data governance was provided by the METADAC data access committee, funded by ESRC, Wellcome, and MRC. (2015-2018: Grant Number MR/N01104X/1 2018-2020: Grant Number ES/S008349/1)

  • To acknowledge the use of the 1958BC biomedical resource (data and samples) please use the following statement:

This work made use of data and samples generated by the 1958 Birth Cohort (NCDS) , which is managed by the Centre for Longitudinal Studies at the UCL Institute of Education, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (grant number ES/M001660/1). Access to these resources was enabled via the Wellcome Trust & MRC: 58FORWARDS grant [108439/Z/15/Z] (The 1958 Birth Cohort: Fostering new Opportunities for Research via Wider Access to Reliable Data and Samples). Before 2015 biomedical resources were maintained under the Wellcome Trust and Medical Research Council 58READIE Project (grant numbers WT095219MA and G1001799).

Citation for METADAC governance is:

Murtagh et al. Human Genomics (2018) 12:24
‘Better governance, better access: practising responsible data sharing in the METADAC governance infrastructure’ here

  • To acknowledge GWAS data generated by WTCCC:

Genotyping was undertaken as part of the Wellcome Trust Case-Control Consortium (WTCCC) under Wellcome Trust award 076113, and a full list of the investigators who contributed to the generation of the data is available at www.wtccc.org.uk.

  • For data and samples granted before 1st May 2011 please use the following text:

This work made use of data and samples generated by the 1958 Birth Cohort (http://www2.le.ac.uk/projects/birthcohort, http://www.bristol.ac.uk/alspac/, http://www.cls.ioe.ac.uk/ncds,
http://www.esds.ac.uk/findingData/ncds.asp) under grant G0000934 from the Medical Research Council, and grant 068545/Z/02 from the Wellcome Trust.

  • To acknowledge use of the Rahman data held at the EGA-EBI (Study reference EGAS00001000971 Dataset EGAD00001001021). Please use the following text:

This study makes use of the ICR1000 UK exome dataset generated by Professor Nazneen Rahman’s Team in the Division of Genetics & Epidemiology at The Institute of Cancer Research, London.