D2K, PEALS, Newcastle University

METADAC Application Forms and Guidance

How METADAC decisions are made

The workflow for applications to METADAC, from application through to project reports, is shown in the METADAC overview diagram.

The considerations of the Access Committee are summarised in the METADAC decision workflow diagram, which shows the process up to the issue of a decision letter.

METADAC Guidance

The guidance provided is intended to help you prepare an application which can be approved at first consideration. About a third of recent applications were unconditionally approved, with a positive response issued (on average) 5 working days from the Committee meeting.

Overall, for approved applications the average timing is 20 working days from the first Committee meeting, including applicant’s responses. Those applications that need resubmission for a second discussion by the Committee (about 1 in 10) will have a minimum 6-8 week turnaround.

METADAC Application Forms

Please fill in the application form in full, and email metadac@newcastle.ac.uk with any queries about the process.