D2K, PEALS, Newcastle University

New Studies

METADAC is inviting interest from further studies.

Our experienced Data Access Committee can oversee sample and data access for cohort studies that:-

  • Need governance for managing researcher access to linked genetic data, biological samples, or omic data
  • Will have 1000+ participants
  • Have a licensing route for researchers to apply for unlinked genetic data
  • Hold data in UK repositories (e.g. EGA, UK Data Archive)
  • Hold data/samples under UK ethics agreements and laws on data protection and human tissue
  • Are longitudinal – include long-term participant follow-up

We would be pleased to speak with you, whether at study-design stage, or if your data or samples have already been collected.

Please contact the Secretariat on metadac@newcastle.ac.uk to be put in touch with the METADAC Chair.