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Acknowledging ELSA

A copy of publications must be provided to METADAC and to ELSA. All publications must acknowledge the METADAC and the ESRC, NIA, UCL Genomics, LGC Genomics and Source BioScience where appropriate. The following language should be used:-

The English Longitudinal Study of Ageing is jointly run by University College London, Institute for Fiscal Studies, University of Manchester and National Centre for Social Research. Genetic analyses have been carried out by UCL Genomics and funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and the National Institute on Aging. All GWAS data has been deposited in the European Genome-phenome Archive.

Data governance was provided by the METADAC data access committee, funded by ESRC, Wellcome, and MRC. (2015-2018: Grant Number MR/N01104X/1 2018-2020: Grant Number ES/S008349/1)
Citation for METADAC governance is:

Murtagh et al. Human Genomics (2018) 12:24
‘Better governance, better access: practising responsible data sharing in the METADAC governance infrastructure’ here