D2K, PEALS, Newcastle University

BCS70: METADAC project approvals

Project Title Plain Language Summary Keywords Applicant Meeting date
Affiliation Decision Letter
Co-Applicants Final Approval
DNA methylation profiling in 1970BC samples to assess epigenetic responses to social and environmental cues in early life and over the life course across four UK population-based cohorts. The epigenome provides a mechanism of interaction between the genome with the environment, and we hypothesize that early life stimuli and exposures over the life course leave an epigenetic mark. The proposal aims to explore epigenetic profiles in up to 24 DNA methylation, Illumina Infinium HumanMethylationEpic BeadChip Jordana BELL, Dr 06/09/2016
Kings College London 23-Sep-16
Prof Alissa GOODMAN, Dr George PLOUBIDIS, Prof Diana KUH, Rebcca HARDY, Andrew WONG, Ana VALDES 23-Sep-16

Last updated with approvals 5/6/2018