D2K, PEALS, Newcastle University

Membership and Terms of Reference

The METADAC Committee oversees applications for bio-data and samples from five major longitudinal studies: ELSA, Understanding Society and the CLS birth cohorts 1958, 1970 and Millennium, Natsal and IMAGINE ID. METADAC also has a wider remit to review current issues affecting data access and promote good practice and effective policies.

The Committee secretariat is Dr Stephanie Roberts, of the Health, Data and Society Group at the University of Newcastle.


Membership of the Committee includes social scientists and clinical scientists with particular knowledge of data access in longitudinal studies, legal expertise in the same field, and lay members with an expert perspective as participants in other similar studies. Also present in teleconferences and meetings are representatives from each of METADAC’s studies, technical experts on the data, and METADAC’s researchers and funders.

Name Role Affiliation
Professor Madeleine Murtagh (Chair) Social Sciences Newcastle University
Neil Walker (Deputy Chair) Biomedical Sciences NIHR BioResource
Dr Lorraine Cowley Clinical Practice Newcastle University
Dr Edward Dove Social Sciences with Legal Expertise University of Edinburgh
Alison Hall Ethico-Legal PHG Foundation, Cambridge
Dr Nina Hallowell Social Sciences University of Oxford
Professor Barbara Maughan Social Sciences King’s College London
Josh McDonagh Study Facing Member
Gillian Prior Social Sciences NatCen
Dr Matthew Suderman Biomedical Sciences University of Bristol
Dr William Viney Study Facing Member Goldsmiths, University of London

Technical Review Team

The technical review team comprise relevant researchers, data managers and lab managers.

Name Affiliation
Professor Paul Burton University of Bristol
Gabriella Conti CLS, Institute of Education
Dr Susan Ring University of Bristol
Dr Olesya Ajnakina ELSA
Dr Andrew Wong University College London


Observers, who contribute to discussions of applications and policy, include representatives from the longitudinal studies, from the METADAC funders and METADAC research team.

Name Affiliation
Dr Gabriella Conti University College London, 1958 Birth Cohort representative
Deborah Wiltshire UKDA
Professor Meena Kumari Understanding Society
Professor Andrew Steptoe English Longitudinal Study of Ageing, UCL
Dr Massimo Mangino UKTwins study, Kings College London
Dr Bruna Galobardes Wellcome Trust
Dr Gavin Malloch MRC
Elin Stephens ESRC
Dr Stephanie Roberts METADAC Secretariat, Newcastle University