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METADAC’s partner studies

METADAC committee considers applications for major UK cohort studies:

METADAC is open to process sensitive data governance for further longitudinal studies.  See “Partner with METADAC“.

  UKHLS 1958 birth cohort BCS70 Millennium UK Twins ELSA
  Understanding Society; UK household longitudinal study. (includes British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) data National Child Development Survey NCDS 1970 birth cohort Child of the New Century   English Longitudinal Study of Ageing
Principal Investigator Prof Michaela Benzeval Prof Alissa Goodman Prof Alice Sullivan Prof Emla Fitzsimons   Prof Andrew Steptoe
Incidental findings No findings returned currently. No findings returned currently. No findings will usually be returned.   Clinically helpful findings returned  
METADAC Role Linked genetic and phenotype data. All exome sequence data. All biosamples, DNA. linked genetic and phenotype data. Other arising data not yet available via repositories. Linked genetic and phenotype (survey) data; Linked epigenetic and phenotype (survey) data.   Applications may be referred to METADAC Linked genotype and phenotype (survey) data
Tissue bank approval Planned Yes Yes Yes   No
Commercial use Must be ‘in the public interest’. Commercial use Excluded.       ‘won’t work with commercial partners’ but UCL to be paid a share of any commercial benefit.
Paid-for Access? Applicants meet the cost. For samples but not data       At cost. Invoice to be settled before data issue. Genotyping to be done in-house, paid for; surcharge for cherry-picking.
Exclusions Additional checks for non-UK Applications Data from biological resource may not be used to investigate intelligence, criminality or sexuality. The expectation is for health related research.        
Ethnic diversity National diversity represented plus additional subgroup Largely white-British, particularly in the genetic data.       Low representation of ethnic minorities
Age Disclosive in oldest subset Not disclosive: all equal age Not disclosive: all equal age Not disclosive: all equal age   50+
Biosamples/ DNA DNA, plasma, serum and whole blood samples Blood, plasma, saliva, whole blood DNA, cell-line DNA. (Collected 2002-3) Whole bloods will be collected in 2016/17. Milk teeth. Saliva from age 3 is depleted; saliva at age 14 collected in 2015. Non-renewable DNA to be prepared. n/a  
Imputed datasets Yes Yes       Yes
Cohort profile(s) 2010 Understanding Society Cohort profile: 1958 British birth cohort (National Child Development Study)       Cohort Profile: The English Longitudinal Study of Ageing and English Longitudinal Study of Aging (ELSA)
Mis-attributed paternity Genotype data with ambiguity removed from file at EGA. Second check at imputation confirmed no mis-attributed paternity left. n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a?